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Thursday, November 24, 2005
10 Things

Stolen and manipulated/mutilated from Big Dick's Top Ten Reasons To Be Thankful At Thanksgiving


Number Ten:
...for having my blog to relinquish all my insanity--keeps me from unleashing on those around me.

Number Nine:
...for idiots who can't drive or try to hog the road--without them, my pent up rage would never be expressed, heard, or felt by that squishy coyote that managed to get mutilated in the middle of the highway.

Number Eight:
...that there are multiple free blogservices that allow me to cater to my multiple personalities.

Number Seven:
...for the beloved genre of writing known as literotica--do I need to explain?

Number Six:
...that I live in America--I'll get into this in another post.

Number Five:
...for my innocence and naivette and overactive imagination through my troublesome childhood--unable to realize what was going on other than mommy and daddy getting mad a lot sheilded me and helped me grow and mature faster (believe it or not, it did).

Number Four:
...for being alone in the friendship department--I have plenty of time to devote to long hours at work and time to reflect on myself and the day and recent events...and to let my still over-active imagination run wild!

Number Three:
...for those men who own up to their responsibilies and stick with the one they knocked up.

Number Two:
...to have a wonderful fiance, even if he does tend to drift off and not pay attention while he plays his games.

And finally...












Number One:
...that I'm not pregnant.

Happy Turkey Day! :)

Posted at 12:00 am by beer-n-nachos

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