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Friday, November 25, 2005
TidBits & Beer Nuts

(only because Shots is [taken])

I feel hungover this morning...
And I didn't have any alcohol at all.

I broke down and wrote a poem. I've been fighting it because I just KNEW that if I let something slip out of my head and into words then I'd have writer's bloc faster than you can speed to the nearest After-Thanksgiving Sale. Here's to hoping I'm wrong...

My hands ache to grab a pen and scribe,
My heart aches to proclaim its beating,
But my will is strong; I refuse.

My mind is flooded with a physical pounding,
A need to be released is loud and beating,
But my will is strong; I refuse.

My fingers itch to wrap around thin plastic,
They protest to the table with steady beating,
But my will is strong; I refuse.

My eyes close to imagine the words on paper,
They appear to taunt me with an incessant beating,
But my will is strong; I refuse.

My eyes snap open with resignation,
My fingers clench into a fist for one last beating,
But my will is strong; I refuse.

My will is strong and the battle is won.
The silence is deafening with the lack of beating,
But my will is strong; I refuse.

To let everything stop and the flame burn out is unjust,
Gingerly my fingers grasp and writing replaces beating,
My will is strong; but it I refuse.

What the hell...?????
I'm finding myself in the restroom every 10-15mins to pee lately...I mean, it's been this way for the last three days! I *KNOW* I'm not pregnant, I just got off my period, so what is going on?

Thanksgiving is over; Cowboys lost. I'm not thrilled. Christmas has officially begun; I saw people putting up trees at 8pm last night.

Shoppers got out early to the 5:30am sales...made my trip in to work hell. I'll be joining those shoppers tomorrow.

Idiot me never checked the CD I just bought. I want to kick myself in the ass for it too. It's [Sony]. You have to "agree" to the EUA, which automatically downloads a "coding" to your computer so you can listen to the CD. They mention that the CD, because of this coding, won't be able to play on some computers; what they don't mention is that "some" equals about 90% of all computers.

It's a wonderful CD but I don't want to buy a second of just to have a copy to play in my car (I refuse to play storebought CDs in my car; my car is infamous for killing CDs because of a lack of decent shocks). Normally I burn a copy of it onto my computer to listen to and burn a copy for my car. 

I'm an idiot for not looking or paying attention to the CD, no? 

Arg, I'm off now to rush to the restroom...again...and to head home to take care of a few things I've been putting off. I'll show y'all pictures later (not of me, but of what I'm working on).

Hope everyone's Turkey Dinner was wonderful, I'll post again later!

Posted at 02:09 pm by beer-n-nachos

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