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Monday, November 28, 2005
Family Talk

Here's a subject I love going into...

We all know my family is crazy and that's the main reason C refused to come over for Thanksgiving. He seems to think I'm the sane one; in the words of one of my more favorite cartoons: "He don't know me too well, do he?"

But how screwed up is my seemingly perfect family? To answer that, let's delve into the Holiday Spirit that has come up like a fog so thick, even a laser can't trim it.

Around this time of the year, usually, we'd be pulling out the tree, compiling lists to Santa, decorating, and generally cursing the slow movement of time--at least us kids would, the parentals would always wait until the last minute before allowing us the time to indulge in the shopping. They'd stockpile presents all year without us realizing it and we'd scour their room in search of the elusive gifts. We'd all go shopping at once, in one day we'd draw names from a hat, buy one gift for that person, hide it in the buggy under a coat, and try to see if we could guess what else mom and dad threw in the hiding. We were raised on little for Christmas, being always taught (or tried to be taught) that the holidays were about giving, not recieving.

But it was also a time for fighting. I've never known financial stability, nor have I known financial crisis--I've been too unexposed to them both, though I've lived both. (one of those you're living it, but you don't realize it kinda things)

My parents have fought since I can remember.

No, I take that back, I remember a time of sunshine and happiness, but I was really really really little at the time. But once the fighting began, it stuck. The holidays always seemed like the fighting got worse.

A smart kid learns to steer clear, walk eggshells until the New Year holiday.

Nowadays there's no exception, and the only thing I see coming is more bad news.

The lighter side, if there is such a thing, is that Sis and BIL are down to, literally, their last dime. It has gotten so bad for them that a parent in the children's church nursery, the group Sis watches over, has put Sis and family in the "people to help" jar; which means they won't have to buy any gifts or cook any Christmas meal, the church will do that, allowing them to save what money they can for bills and neccessities--which the church will be readily available to help with if they only say the word. Not only that, but Sis has taken up a job at a local cleaning service company and cleans banks after 11pm and before 7am just to help them scrape by. Upon hearing that, and knowing what Sis and BIL need, I immediately sent her a $150 gift card to Wal*Mart. White-trashy? If you say so.

Thing is, I didn't grow up with much, but there were a few Christmas's where if Sis hadn't sent gifts, I wouldn't've had a Christmas. I can vividly remember one such year. Dad wouldn't let us open the yearly box from Sis to count how many gifts we each got; he hoarded it and went and covered up her name with "Santa" on half the gifts that year. How could I not try to repay that?

The downside to that is, that money came from savings, the savings that I'm using to get an apartment--the apartment I desperately need now that I know some insider information.

You see, my dad and I had a talk a few months ago, in which he called me "a little birdie who hides when confronted." He may have been right, but that's only because I'm a smart little birdie who's learned when it's best to run and stay. Right now? HA! It's time to hit the barracks, we got a bombshell about to drop! And knowing how everything falls back on me -- the oldest sibling living in the house -- I'm headed out that door!

As it appears, this year is no different from every other year: the Christmas holiday will be fraught with fighting and yelling and slamming doors and lack of money. With luck (and your support) I won't be anywhere near the implosive battlefield.

Yes, I'm asking for your help. For Christmas, lend a helping hand, help put me in an apartment. Right now my job situation is whack; at best I won't have a new job for three weeks and by then it'll be Christmas. Unless by some strange twist of fate I land a major contract with a well paying company.... I'm not asking for money, just the furnishings for an know, gift cards to IKEA, Target, Wal*Mart, Sears....places I can go and get the things I need. Though, my fear is, this current job lead I've got will fall through and I won't be able to get the's a 2bed/1bath for $495/mo; really not that bad. AND it's in a quiet neighborhood and is quite homey with the slightly rundown homes housing elderly folk surrounding the place. Only downside is it's next to the DART (dallas-area-rapid-transit) track. Good thing I grew up with train tracks in my backyard!

Gawd I go soooo offtrack SOoooo fast! Grab my collar next time, why don't you?

So I'm shipping my savings off to North Carolina to my sister and the kids while trying to outrun some disaster revolving around another sister at home.... I have quite the Christmas coming up. Good thing I've already got $400 worth of gifts rounded up. I learned how to buy'n'stash a long time ago; now I'm putting it to good use. Bunny, since I feel like I owe you something, I'm buying you a Christmas gift. Where's your wish list?

The family is in a riot right now. My great-aunt is in the process of buying a house from my dad (though she doesn't know he's really just giving it to her and using the money on random repairs to the place) and moving from Florida to Oklahoma. My grandmother is in a depression-slump about her age, her childrens' ages, and her great-grandchildrens' ages (not to mention the "getting old" health issues her children are running into)--and I think there may be a great-great-grandchild in there somewhere; with such a huge family, you lose count.... My aunt, who is taking care of my grandmother, is in frail health herself, shocked by her own son leaving to Brazil not far after he graduated college. Another aunt, who, along with her husband, moved into their house in a "rent-to-own" contract with my father, is now forced to work 70+hrs a week to pay bills (not including rent; rent has been waived indefinately) and medical bills for her lung cancer. She and her husband basically work in a legalized sweat shop making sport braces and "squish" pillows (those pillows that have the microbead fillings)--the same place (with new name) that my mom worked at when she was pregnant with my brother and had an iron fall and severely burn her hand.

-- oh look! A phone call from Sis....hang on a sec.

Oy! It's 25mins later! Good thing I'm on lunch break! She wanted to tell me she got the email-giftcard. Shocked speechless. The first words out of her mouth (after about five minutes of sputtering): "You know dad would have a coniption if he knew what you did!"

Yup, this is one family bursting with...something...I don't know...but you can feel the love. No really, you can, it leaves pretty black and blue eardrums too.

Well, I guess I oughta get back to work...I mean I do have an obligation to fulfill before I'm out of here....Wednesday is my last day....If I'm lucky enough to last until then....

Posted at 01:46 pm by beer-n-nachos

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