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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

That last entry, which I got a ton of phone calls about and not a single comment (I love my concerned readers), is about the same manager who called me up and openly asked me to be his mistress.

Did I not tell y'all about that?


Well, see, it was just after C and I split this last time and I was over at TJ's place to watch a Stars game. He called to invite me, personally, to the company's anniversary special open house--they were showcasing what they do to their vending companies, their customer companies, their friends and family, and prospective customer companies. I'm a worker with one of their customer companies, but I'm not upper management, I'm just a step below the invitees from my company--this manager especially wanted to see me there. After business, he slipped into his droning on and on about women in the workforce, in this feild blah blah blah blah. Then he started talking about my single state.

See, he and my supervisor are friends. They go for drinks and chat--err, gossip about work and stuff. My supervisor let it slip I was single. This manager took it upon himself to tell me, before he found this out, that his wife supposedly allowed him to bring home playthings because she traveled a lot.

Like I'll ever believe that.

Or take anyone up on it!

Nice try buddy. Do better, but quit trying on me.

In this phone call, he quite openly brought this up and quite openly asked me to be his mistress, spilling all he had to offer (besides making a woman feel special -gag-).

Right there I had something that could get him in tons of trouble. But, being the person I am, I let it slide. I mean, Hell, I joke around with my coworkers all the time, worse topics come up and get shrugged away.

But then last night happened.

See, I'm out of a job either today or tomorrow, depends on the UK's decision to extend the deadline for the paperwork. This manager mentioned me to a customer company of his and they showed interest in me, and we were supposed to meet today for lunch, however being a partnership, they refuse to meet one-on-one when the other is out of town, so I am awaiting a call for tomorrow or Friday. So last night, while more than just the manager was there, I went to see the kind of products that this company does. I found out the customer company is RedRockMicro. RRM is a startup dream business of some other higher corporation. Anyway, I took a tour of their product with this manager and sat afterwards in his office discussing my impending lack of employment. I knew his boss (CEO and one cool guy) was leaving at 6:30, and I had arrived at 5:30, taken the tour (roughly fifteen minutes max) and it soon became apparent he was keeping me talking until he knew for sure his boss had gone. I casually looked at my watch and knew I had to leave and leave NOW -- it was 6:45.

He made as if to walk me to the door, then walked me into an empty and dark board room. I skirted around his attempts to hug me and he showed his dismay to the table and chairs he went about rearranging and clearing. He then walked me to the door, which was locked and as I reached to unlock it, not noticing I had literally backed myself into a corner, he ran his hand down my back and grabbed my ass.

Let me say I've been in this situation before, and that one I actually brought on myself by flirting and teasing and inviting the danger. This was pure unwanted attentions. I pushed him away with more force than I knew I had, and didn't realize that the heel of my stilleto had stomped toward his foot (my push actually knocked him out of my heel's reach). He was a little bewildered and I was slightly frantic to get out the door.

When he reached over and opened the door I sorta squeezed up to the corner of the wall and then slipped out the door. We stood outside for a few minutes discussing when the company would call me and then he had his arms around me in a stiff hug and asked --not jokingly-- when I would allow him to take advantage of me.


I pushed out of his hug and walked swiftly to my car, something even I admit I should have done as soon as I was out that door.

So today, as soon as my supervisor gets here (oh, another fourty-five minutes as right now it's 7:15), I'm closing his office door and sitting down with him about this. One good thing: he reads my blog and is one of the ones who contacted me last night, though he txt'd my phone, so he knows something's up.

The first statement of that last post (I'm a fucking idiot) I firmly believe. I should have waited for a more suitable time to preview the products of the company looking to hire me.

And to the reader's wife who insists on harassing me: believe what you will. I have no plans for your husband, never have, and if you don't stop harassing me, I really will come to your town and start harassing you the way you believe I am doing. Normally I'm a sweet girl, but if you keep it up, I will come and break that pretty nose of yours.

And, if I were you, I'd quit with the double standards. Really does nothing for your character. Your husband takes nude photographs of his friends, and you're fine with this, but you have a problem with him going online and looking up porn and talking to me, a girl who USED to have topless shots? He's not cheating with me, no chance of it ever coming to that, but those girls he shoots, I'd be worried there could be something there. You claim I take him away mentally, I say that from what I've seen of you, you push him away.

He loves you dearly, he's told me that a million times. It's quite sickening when I hear that and see how you act toward me. Do I have intentions of coming on to him? No. I'm happily affianced myself. So

Posted at 07:40 am by beer-n-nachos

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