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Thursday, December 01, 2005
I SO Seriously Need A Life.

Is there any more to be said?

I have worked over 11 STRAIGHT hours each day this week (with the exception of Tuesday-took a short lunch to meet with a friend), I go home and have nothing to do (unless you count pissing off a reader's wife), I either cook or go out to eat or go shopping just to bide my time, when the opportunity arises I travel four blocks just to see how pissed-off I can get C's mother, I spoil LittleOne, I spend money....

...you get the idea. I concluded that I only do these things because either I don't have a life or I don't have a quiet place to lounge about in ze'nood--which, oftentimes, is really all I want to do when I get off work; I don't want to come home and deal with fussing and fighting--I'm not a parent yet-- I don't want to come home and cook a big meal, I don't want to come home and argue with the parental units because they've had death threats from their students or they're short on groceries or they're short on cash--come to think of it, they still owe me $200...I'll just have 'em reimburse me through my insurance payment....

I've found a solution: either get more friends who are intellectual and love lounging around watching tv (and are up, once in awhile, for "stupid-humor"--cuz that's just important), enjoy going out and doing things (bowling, for one), don't mind having Taco Bell or Arby's thrown in the mix of homecooked meals (at least twice a week, I'm not a stove-slave yet!), and aren't nerdy (geeky is ok, nerdy is...well, it's nerdy); OR get my own place where I can come home, cook, watch tv, do whatever, and enjoy a quiet comfortable place to lounge about in ze'nood (come to think of it, alone with a book would be nice...for once).

I somehow don't see the first coming about anytime soon. And so far I'm a 12month contracted job away from that second solution. But I'm slowly getting prepared for it! Mandy and E just donated their old dining room set and matching end tables (they're keeping the matching coffee table--grr) for my future unfurnished living abode. It's a BEAUTIFUL set worth HUNDREDS. Quite literally.

So, yea, I have a place picked out, WELL worth the money (2bedroom, in this area, for only $495/mo? You THINK I'm gonna pass that up?), I just need the job to maintain the rent. C would move in with me...eventually. He's not thrilled with me paying all the bills, paying rent, having a job an hour and a half away, and trying to set up night school in the Spring to (1)further my education (2)boost possible pay--seems to take away from his "manly, protective, and dominate nature." Poor dear.

He also seems to be taking the sexual-harassment thing rather well--meaning he's not hunting down and killing. He's all about wrapping his arms around me and asking if I'm alright and kissing my forehead and holding me close and never letting go. Practically to the point where he wants to go with me to any future possible job interviews. He's found a way to prove his manly-protectiveness.

Can you believe I was accused of being in love with him yesterday? *sigh*

And even if he doesn't move in with me right away, I'll have a two bedroom place TO MYSELF to freely kick back and relax in. Maybe then I could find some more friends--you know, the kind that could bring over some sort of vodka housewarming gift and would be content to flip back-and-forth between Lost and the Stars game and would actually enjoy discussing politics and current events during ensuing simulcast comercials....

Posted at 09:47 am by beer-n-nachos

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