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Friday, December 02, 2005
Work.... killing me via my ulcer.

See what I'm dealing with? This is actually LESS THAN ONE FOURTH of what I've left to do--by tomorrow!! *faints*

There is talk of extending my contract through Tuesday, and possibly even to next Friday, but to be honest, I'm quite tired of this place; they are unorganized, they don't take into account actual working time, and they can't/refuse to give me a definitive date on when I'll be free to move off to another company. I'm about to do what Mike did and say "Screw it, I'm starting my new job Monday!"

Only problem is I don't have a new job. Each place I send my resume either trashes it for lack of degree or refuses it because I can't give a definitive date on when I can start.

And no new job means I can't get that place, which means no rest for me. Which means this ulcer that's acting up right now and causing my stomach to refuse practically everything I swallow will only get worse.

An idea just struck; y'all wanna help my apartment search? Better yet, does anyone own or know someone who owns a home in the FAR NORTH Dallas area that would be willing to rent to me for a decent price?


On an unrelated note:
Seeing as I'm here for a few days and that's it, would it be worth it to bring in a brand new box of tissue for my desk?

They just fucking changed the design AGAIN!!!
This machine is due to be shipped MONDAY AT 7:30am and we don't even have it completely designed, we are STILL adding parts and numbers and WE DON'T EVEN HAVE A SAFE WAY TO KEEP THE LID OPEN!

'scuse me while I go scream my frustrations.

Posted at 08:33 am by beer-n-nachos

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