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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Pizza Hut Rant:

BEFORE the HUGE post of what's been up, let me rant.

A company (pizza hut) has recently come between ME and FOOD. In a VERY poor way.

We here at work didn't want to go out to eat in the cold. We decided to order in. Pizza. From Pizza Hut. Quick, online order, with printout confirmation that it will arrive in roughly 30mins. This was just before 11:30am.

12:15 rolls around and no pizza. I cut the delivery boy slack based on the cold air and the fact that nobody knows how to drive, especially here, especially with the "ice" on the roads. We call up the place and get the "Oh, we're not doing online orders today" speech. Then we inquire as to why they couldn't call us BEFORE we waited an hour. They had no response. We asked how long it would take to have the order processed at that moment and delivered. "Oh, well, we've got over 300 pizzas to cook, it will be two hours before we have it ready for the oven."


Cancelled the order and shopped around. Pizza Inn was taking over Pizza Hut's slack--and was only mass producing thin crust, not even going to custom make the hand tossed or deep dish.


Domino's--the expensive bastards--was the only other near pizza joint. Called, and YES! they had the hand tossed goodness we were craving. Cost twice as much as Pizza Hut, but from my seat, it was worth it. AND they'd have it IN MY HANDS in less than an hour. $42.somethingerother for three large pizzas.

About thirty minutes later the operator calls us down--PIZZA'S HERE!!!

Wait...the total on this reciept is $26.24...something's not right....there, at the top, in black carbon were two words I was not thrilled with: PIZZA HUT. Fuck, dude, you are WAY OVER the 30minute quote (by almost two hours), so I should have these for free--excepting that I already cancelled this order, a slight technicality. He walked out pissed at me.

What right does he have to be pissed at me? I have all the right in the world to be pissed at his company, not just him.

Not only that, but they have charged my card, even though it was cancelled. "Oh, we don't show a credit card being used" Bullfuckingshit. It was online you fucktard! "Well, this order was cancelled, so by the time it goes through it will be voided anyhow." If you get ANY of my money, I will sue! UNDERSTAND!?!?!!?

Luckily Domino's pulled through ON TIME. Expensive as hell, but damn worth it. Actually, I think they were a few minutes earlier than their one hour quote....

Posted at 03:57 pm by beer-n-nachos

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